Tate Trumps

We have been talking briefly about the phone application Tate Trumps in the class on Friday and I have judged the application rather quickly and said its not really good. Today, I have actually took the time to go to Tate Modern (since I am spending time in London) and try the version of the game where a user can actually play in the museum.

I gave up rather quickly, knowing what more or less is the application about and having some background knowledge. I saw the app rather as a tool of digital mediation that the museum tried to set with user, than a fun game. And since most of the art pieces I have chosen were not included in the game, I got mad and closed the app. However, my friend who has probably never been into Tate during his five years in London took over and was so keen to find some artwork that would actually be also in the app that he started running around Tate and seeing the art. In that moment, I realised that the app actually works and it is nice tool to engage the user to go around museum, read the text about artist and just browse around. It is a nice way to discover art in a little different ways, really helpful for those who find the art boring by itself and would not necessary go to museum (like my friend). I actually caught him playing the game even after we left the museum.

So for those of you who were interested in the app and listen to me, when I said it is a waste of time and horrible app, I am sorry and I change my mind  because I saw the way it actually worked in real life.


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