Interactive experience

“Visitors are under no obligation to engage with free-choice exhibition enviroments…and yet, they do.” – T. Roppola

On Friday we have talked in the class about the “Contextual model of learning” by Falk and Dierking and how this models can influence the museum experience, more specifically how to properly understand museum from the point of view of the visitors. This model was developed in the year 1992 and long time has passed since then. Yet, I still believe that this model is not outdated and can be used.

I would like to use this model on a Museum of Selfies that I have presented in the last post and tried to apply this model to this museum. This post will be my thinking (writing) out loud. And more for me to try to understand the model properly  rather than for ‘knowledge-gain’ by my blog readers (fellow students).

Contextual model of learning consists of three categories: physical, social and personal.Physical context corresponds to the structure of exhibition, its architecture, selection and exhibition. It is build according to who is the exhibition for and who is the ideal visitor. I think this context is really important for the Museum of Selfies because the structure of exhibition and the exhibition itself must be very well thought through in order for visitors to take a lot of photogenic pictures with the work of art. The display style must be approachable and literally screams “take a picture with me”. Therefore, I believe that the physical context is almost the most important in this case because if the exhibition would not be convincing from this context, the motivation for visitors would decline and badly recieved.

“Design as an integral part of visitor experience, implications for structuring the nature of visitor experience – rather than simply providing a more or less attractive medium for presenting content” Macdonald, 2007

With the social context it really matters in what company are we visiting this museums with. Is it people who are against taking pictures with museums? Or people who want to take pictures of everything there is? I believe that the good company of ‘fellow photographers’ is very important while visiting this museum. Otherwise, the full experience of this museum will not be reached.

When speaking about personal context, we are speaking about the subjective knowledge and prejudice. Furthermore, about the motivations, expectations, interests and beliefs prior to the museum visit. Of course two people will never have the exactly same personal context. However, while visiting the Selfie Museum, I believe that people with instagram, sense of humour and good outfit might have the best experience.

I wrote this article as I was thinking that it will be interesting to see the model in a real life example and I would definitely want to see some of my fellow students try as well.

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