The era of selfies

We have touched upon this topic in class many times but even if we didn’t, I think I would still chose this topic to write a blog post about. It is important to state in the beginning that I am a supporter of selfies and instagram so of course I stand behind the right to take pictures in museum. For me, taking pictures in the museum is part of the experience. Also, taking a unique photo makes the museum visit more personalized for me, furthermore it enhances the museum visit and makes it more memorable.

I have wanted to see the Kusama exhibition since September. However, my time schedule was very tight at that moment so I have postponed the visit. But when my roommate came and showed me her photos from the Kusama exhibition, I said I need to go and couldn’t wait any longer. Did the pictures of the exhibition and hashtag #kusama on instagram made me go to the exhibition more than the advertisment of Louisiana museum itself? YES! I mean, for the museums, it is a sort of free advertisment. Visitors come to the museum and later post pictures using many sorts of hashtag and then they add location. Other users like this which makes the pictures even more visible to the “people of internet”. This process leads for more people come to the museum and be more interested in the exhibitions. So is it really a bad things for museums to allow to take selfies? 

I think it is time for museums to accept the selfie era and embrace this time. Louisiana museum took this process part further and made their visitor’s picture feel appreciated by liking them in reward which creates a perfect interaction between the user and museum.

Speaking about the selfie era, in January 2014 museums started to encourage the project #museumselfie (Here are some pictures: This article described museumselfie day as “a Twitter project aimed at raising awareness of the great collections being housed by national and regional museums across the globe“. Honestly, as I said before, museum selfies is one of the of advertisment that museums can wish for. (Even make up companies send girls make up in exchange of posting pictures on their instagram so other girls will see the brand of make up and eventually end up going to drug store to buy that exact same make up because they have seen someone else use it only. Make up companies made in last year so much money of instagrammers so why can’t museums?)

Of course, some museums have taken the era of selfies to extreme level. Manila opened their first selfie museum called Art in Island. The whole museum is designed for users to take selfies in. To read more abou this museum, you can go for example to this link:

My question is, are you pro or against the selfie culture in museums?


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